Exterior window trims

Enhance the curb appeal of your home with these stunning exterior window trim ideas. Find inspiration to add style and character to your windows, creating a welcoming facade.
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Installing Modern Exterior Window Trim: Affordably Boost Your Curb Appeal

Have you ever seen the exterior of a home and just knew it was missing something? We discuss the latest styles, tools, and steps needed to..

Arielle Goldman
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Window Trim

Today I spent a little time driving around the village checking out the exterior window casing of various old houses. I found the ones that had a bit of notable cornice detail caught my attention. Here's one I liked: I came home and did up a version for one of the windows in the back of the house. Once it was up, Nance and I looked at it and decided that there was maybe a little too much drama at the top. We also thought it would make sense to try it on a larger window that is more…

Maxine Pfeifer