Fairy garden door diy

Create a whimsical and magical outdoor space with these DIY fairy garden door ideas. Add a touch of enchantment to your garden and invite the fairies to visit with these creative and fun projects.
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I have made four different fairy doors so far for my various Fairy Products. I will show you how I made each one. Step by step instructions with photos Fairy Door How To Make a Basic Fairy Door Materials and Tools needed A piece of wood Black acrylic paint 2 different colours of acrylic paint Clear gloss acrylic paint Jigsaw Wood file Ruler I was able to get the wood free because my sister had replaced her old wooden fence. I have many 6 ft by 4 inch wooden slats. Some are warped but most…

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In our garden the fairies and gnomes live amongst each other. Their village spreads around the yard with lil houses, patios and ponds hidden beneath the flowers. Throughout the year, L and I like to collect and make things to add to our garden...this morning we made a lil fairy door. Materials needed: -sticks -florist wire -a button First, have your kids collect some sticks and twigs around the yard. Sort through the sticks, finding ones that are particularly straight. Lay these sticks…

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Childhood is a time for magic and imaginations to run wild! Creating a fairy house is a treasured activity to do with your little one. And today, I'm going to show you how easy it is to create a beautiful fairy door with a few sticks and some string. This activity is from one of

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