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Explore the iconic voices and timeless music of famous country singers. From the classics to the modern stars, immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant sounds of country music.
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10. Randy Travis and Libby Hatcher Randy Travis was caught cheating on his wife Libby Hatcher with his dentist’s wife. Hatcher supposedly caught Travis by planting a camera in his tour bus where the affair was mostly taking place. When Travis and Hatcher finally divorced in 2010, he married his mistress, Mary Beougher.

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Like or Tweet For George One More Time Texas News- Life on the road for will now be over for Texas Singer George Strait after he had told Texas reporters last Wednesday that this will be his final tour early next year. Lubbock Texas will be his first of the final stop on Jan 16 and end in June 1 at San Antonio Texas. Joining him on his last tour on 2013 is Martina Mc Bride. The 21 bus tours for this year and 20 more next year will be named “The Cowboy Rides Away Tour”. Although these…

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In recent years, country music has been changing at a rapid rate, but many fans will say that one of the highlights for the genre was the ’90s. Unlike a lot of other musical genres where fame is fleeting, country has staying-power, but that is not for all the stars no matter how much success […]

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Willie Nelson's son, Lukas Nelson, sounds a lot like his dad. Same old-school sound a lot of us grew up with. This duet is one for the record books. #willienelson #singing #music #country Primitive, Songs, Videos, Country, Country Music, Jimmy Dickens, Country Music Songs, Rock And Roll Songs, Eddie Vedder

Nelson & His Son Lukas Sound Almost Identical Willie Nelson is an American Icon, and his son Lukas is making his name for himself as he is following in his fathers’ footsteps in the music industry. The pair looks so similar on stage with their mannerisms that it at times is frightening. The duo performed

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"Denton Wilson, a 63-year-old bodybuilder from Britain, shows the judges of Britain's Got More Talent that a senior citizen can still put on a winning performance and work for the crowd as he holds his own against a field of younger competitors. As competition shows go, ""Britain's Got More Talent"" is a gem because it