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Create a cozy and charming atmosphere with these unique felted nest ideas. Find inspiration to add a touch of warmth and comfort to your home decor.
Make a Hummingbirds Nest : Neelde Felting Tutorial : www.theMagicOnions.com Diy, Needle Felted Animals, Felted Nest, Needle Felting Tutorials, Needle Felting, Felt Ornaments, Wool Needle Felting, Needle Felting Diy, Felt Birds

Oh my gosh… it’s SUCH a joy to watch the birds begin to build their nests. We are hoping like mad that a bird will build a nest in our garden. More than anything, we are preying that one of the hundreds of hummingbirds that visit us will build a nest in our avocado tree. […]

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That's Woolly Something: a new tutorial Crafts, Yarns, Ideas, Crochet, Art, Wool Felt, Vintage, Diy, Felted Nest

woolly nest & eggs Yes, I have started to add tutorials to my blogspot, finally. Just in case you hadn't noticed the links (on the left side of this page, listed under my 'welcome' sign). These are extra pages within my blog that supply further information for my readers: an about me page, a my patterns page (listing a link to all my patterns on Etsy), a my tutorials page, and a my book page (my new book, Whimsical Woollies). I love online sights with tutorials, and want to have more of the…

Art Cee
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Spring has burst forth in full regalia here in Southern California. the trees are so pretty in their pinks and whites and magentas. And the birds have started to busy themselves building nests. Spring is full of crafting inspiration and we have been making pretty needle felted spring nests too. One of the things […]

wiesława owczarek
Felted Easter Eggs and Nest Tutorial Natural Suburbia Crafts, Ideas, Felted Nest, Felt Birds, Bird Eggs, Needle Felting, Craft Projects, Needle Arts, Egg Tree

Dear Friends, Thanks so much to everyone who has put their name forward for the Share the Love Heart Swap, we have started to partner people up and we are all looking so forward to this wonderful crafting experience and connecting with people all over the world:) Jenny B I received your comment but I …

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Hello my dear friends, I have been working hard these past days making this tutorial on how to create my felted birds nest. This is a general tutorial, meaning that the outcome of each individual piece can/will be different. It depends on how much lambswool content your sweater has, how long you work with your piece, how hot the water is and how you dry your piece - all these factors have a big role in how big your nest will be and the overall look of it. This is what you will need to make…

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