Fermentation station

Learn how to set up a fermentation station at home and start fermenting your own delicious foods. Discover top tips and recipes to take your fermentation game to the next level.
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There are many ways to make brine and many factors that influence the outcome. We recommend starting with 14 grams salt per cup of water for short-term ferments in our glass paocai jar and 16 grams per cup for long-term ferments in the larger ceramic jar, adjusting for future batches if needed. Measurements below are per cup of water and can be used for any container.

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Yes, you can ferment mustard. I’m not sure why it isn’t more of a thing. In the same way that Dr. Andrew Weil called vinegar pickles “dead pickles,” (fermented pickles being living pickles, of course), we can say that the normal store-brand mustard is “dead.” Tasty, sure. But from a […]

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