First grade calendar

Enhance your first grade classroom with these creative calendar ideas. Keep your students engaged and organized throughout the school year with these fun and interactive calendar activities.
Build a better calendar routine in your kindergarten or 1st grade classroom and make the most of your circle time talking about number sense, counting to 100, counting and cardinality and more learning ideas. Get a free printable 100's chart here! Pre K, First Grade Maths, First Grade Math, 1st Grade Math, Counting To 100, Kindergarten Lesson Plans, First Grade Calendar, 1st Grade Calendar, Calendar Math

We have a new math program this year and it has a calendar component. I really like it but I will be honest, I haven't implemented all of it. There is a lot in the first year of a new program and that's ok...I will get to more of it next year. Don't know why I feel the need to come clean with that but I do! That's not the point of this post. What I really want to share is the awesome 100's chart that we created together from the calendar component. This is part of Everyday Counts from the…

Erin Wittal
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What does your morning meeting look like? If you're like me, it probably includes your calendar. Our morning calendar routine starts our day off right and I look forward to it as much as the students do!

Ricki Bernardo