Flower heart wreath tattoo

Express your love with a stunning flower heart wreath tattoo. Discover unique designs and get inspired to create a meaningful and beautiful tattoo that represents your love and passion.

If you ever thought that tattoos are just some pretty pictures and adornments, you couldn't be more wrong. Since the dawn of tattoos in 4 millennia BC, the tattoo designs always had meaning to them. Whether it was religious markings or illustrations about particular humans lifetime achievements, they were always meant to convey a message of some sorts. Skipping forward to our age, some of the tattoo symbols have lost their intended context along the way, but there are still people who like…

Emilie Gomes
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No other tattoo designs convey a message as clear as word tattoos. Yeah, you’re right; it’s because the message is literally written on your skin! No cryptic symbols or surreal images for people (and most importantly, yourself) to wonder what your ink means. And although you might think that these are very simple tattoos, just wait until you see the examples we’ve rounded up in our list. They’re often very far from simple and definitely inspiring!

Macayla Bass