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Dive into the captivating world of FNAF characters and uncover the secrets behind their eerie charm. Discover the top characters and their intriguing backstories that will leave you wanting more.
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Description Will be Blender download in the pack. There is absolutely no software used, only Blender. If You see some inaccurates, please tell me about them, I`ll fix it. As You can see pack will be so soon. ========== Credits: Textures: ========== Some WIP`s: 1st: gyazo.com/609488cde82d02509897… 2nd: gyazo.com/93064ddc91f7db420f5a… 3rd: gyazo.com/9e2e2271d1c50dc513e5… ========== Enjoy!

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Spin the wheel to randomly choose from these options: Electro-bab, Plushtrap, Security Puppet, Candy Cadet, Circus Baby, Nightgaurd, El chip, Nightmarionne, Foxy the pirate fox, Nightmare Mangle, Phone Recorders (Human), Funtime Foxy, Endo 0.2, The Marionette, SpringBonnie, Bonnie the Bunny, Technician, Pigpatch, Withered Golden Freddy, Trash & the Gang, Bon-Bon, Jack-o-chica, Rockstar Freddy, Phantom Foxy, Glitchtrap, Nightmare Bonnie, Ballora, Ennard, Toy Foxy, Henry, Toy Freddy, Scrap…

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Description She was sittin' there for a while, so I decided to upload her. I super proud of this one, cuz her entire upper body is cutted out. I only used parts from the games or by me. Warning!: Don't use without asking me first. Edit: New textures on her face and upper body. Less pixelated. Edit 2: I remade her from scratch again. I used the same parts as in the last time, but with a new head and ''kinda'' less pixelated ( at least, the body ). I ike the new head, but the legs are a bit…

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