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Explore the world of food sculpture and discover unique ideas to turn ordinary ingredients into edible works of art. Get inspired to create your own masterpiece and wow your guests with these amazing creations.
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My Grade 7-9 elective class recently finished these incredible faux food sculptures- made only out of toilet paper and water! I first saw this project posted on a Facebook art teachers group I belong to. I found a video tutorial (whom I think is the originator of the project?) HERE. She has an incredible Youtube channel. It's posted by the incredible art teacher Bethany Thiele. Her website is HERE. I have done fake food projects before- specifically Gyodan: Japanese Fake Food using polymer…

Kaitlyn Seahorn
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Before reading this post, click here for a complete list of art supplies that you can use to create your own fantastic dessert sculptures (and links for ordering them). Our food art unit started two months ago when my students learned the geometry inherent in drawing cake slices, doughnuts and ice cream. Using my You Tube tutorials they were able to create a backdrop of paintings for a classroom bakery art instillation. Initially my middle school students created flat looking paintings with…

Melinda Delgado
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Art Link: Compare Pop art and Op art What is pop short for What artist do you associate with Pop art? If you had to create a Pop art project what would you create? INTRODUCTION to lesson (Anticipatory set): Show Wayne Thiebaud’s ice cream Analyze Describe Interpret OBJECTIVE: Create clay sculpture inspired by Wayne Thiebaud’s desserts Score Slip Hand-built Subtractive sculpture Additive Sculpture Pop Art Texture Physical Texture Visual texture Leather hard Bone Dry CA STANDARDS: 1.1 Analyze…

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