Giant slip and slide

Experience the thrill of sliding down a giant slip and slide this summer. Discover top ideas to turn your backyard into a water park and make memories that will last a lifetime.
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Florida summers are brutally hot and the only way to be outside is to involve water or you will inevitably melt. It’s a fact. We have a pool but the kids get bored after so many days of me telling them to “go play in the pool”. I then tell them I spent all summer as a kid with a noodle to entertain

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Super Duper Slip and Slide

Super Duper Slip and Slide: Every kid needs a slip and slide. I think it's a law in PA, but I'll have to look that up. My boys have destroyed a few of the cheap ones and the commercial grade slides are way too expensive. After a quick internet search I found a great DIY solu…