Girl Diaper Cake

Celebrate the arrival of a baby girl with these creative and adorable diaper cake ideas. Find inspiration to create a perfect centerpiece for a baby shower or a unique gift for new parents.
How to make a tutu diaper cake? Click to see easy video instructions to make your own unique diaper cake. You can also use it as a baby shower centerpiece. Diaper cakes are common at baby showers because they are fun and practical for the new mom. Pin it. #diapercake #babyshower

How To Make A Tutu Diaper Cake Looking for diaper cake ideas for girls? What better than a tutu diaper cake. Put a crown on it and you can even make it a princess diaper cake. But first, why should you make a tutu diaper cake? Diaper cakes are practical. They are almost entirely made of diapers, so this is not a gift that will be forgotten in the back of the closet. Tutu diaper cakes are oh-so-adorable! It can be used as a baby shower decoration or a centerpiece too; According to the mom…

Sheila Branch

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