Glove dryer

Say goodbye to wet and smelly gloves with these glove dryer ideas. Discover effective ways to keep your gloves dry and ready for your next adventure.
drying rack for hats and gloves in mud room - nice - more pegs than we have now on the "real" mitten drying rack...

Mittens, Tuques and Glove Dryer: This is a Winter stuff dryer build from an old coat tree. It is very use full to dry stuff and at the same time it's easier to find the glove going with the other one. I build it up fast just to get it ready for the winter, so I don't take tim…

Meghann Nelson
Wall mounted combination 6 pair boot dryer & 6 pair glove dryer

Since 1989, we have been producing top of the line dryers to keep boots dry and our customers safe and happy. Back then, very few people understood the importance and necessity of having dry boots for recreational or commercial use.

Crystal Colbert
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After too many embarrassing moments involving the odor of my sailing boots and gloves (it gets hot and sweaty here in Texas!), I decided that there had to be a better solution than just letting them air out in my utility room, taking days to dry. Clothes dryer? Nah, probably not any good for the boots. But if only I could force that warm air through them... I spent some time browsing online and found a number of ski boot dryers which might fit the bill. REI had one for $80, but it would only…

Matt Huovinen