Grapefruit curd

Indulge in the tangy and creamy flavor of grapefruit curd with these mouthwatering recipes. Discover how to make homemade grapefruit curd and add a burst of citrus to your desserts and breakfasts.
a glass jar filled with orange juice next to a bowl of sliced grapefruit

Sweet and tangy grapefruit curd. It's gorgeous and tastes great on anything. It's the season to get sweet, juicy grapefruit, so don't miss out.

Kristin Floridia
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It might not make those two feet of snow outside disappear, but a homemade jar of citrus curd will definitely brighten your day. (And maybe someone else’s, if you’re up for sharing.) Lemon curd is a popular choice, but this is a sweet treat you can make with any citrus fruit. Citrus fruits, like all the orange varieties, grapefruits, lemons, and limes, truly are winter’s shining stars.

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This twist on the classic lemon curd is perfect for anyone who (like me) adores grapefruit! It's great with meringues and berries, as a filling in a layer cake or tart, or even by the spoonful! The recipe makes a reasonably small batch so definitely double (or triple) it if you're cooking for a group. This quantity is perfect for a small tart or as dessert for a few people.

Mindy Marie