Green leather

Discover stylish green leather options for a trendy and fashionable look. Upgrade your wardrobe with these top ideas and stand out in style.
Triple Crown’s antiqued, Old World look is perfectly suited to upholster classic furniture pieces such as a ski cabin’s Chesterfield sofa, the barstools in a speakeasy or the lounge chairs in a traditional club room. Texture, Brown Leather Texture, Distressed Leather, Leather Texture Seamless, Leather Texture, Brown Leather, Brown Texture, Buffalo Leather, Leather Fabric

Triple Crown is a classic distressed leather with a natural texture and distinctly visible grain. This leather achieves its singular appearance when wax is added to its surface before the hides are milled in large drums, creating an antiqued and worn-in appearance. Each hide will feature unique characteristics, patinas and variations, resulting in a truly timeless leather that will never go out of style. In addition to its various aesthetic attributes, Triple Crown features a semi-aniline…

Ivo Vreeburg

Quicksilver is an essential upholstery leather renowned for both its lustrous beauty as well as its wide-ranging applications. Produced on large European hides with a protective semi-aniline finish, this top grain leather features a naturalistic medium grain which is accentuated by a light glazing effect. The final result is a remarkably versatile material which resists scratching and fading in sunlight while still boasting a stylish aesthetic with a subtle sheen that is sure to make any…

Vashisth Tripathi