Haloumi salad

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Super simple salad with a handful of interchangeable ingredients and one of my favourite dressings; lemon, honey and thyme. Assembling a not-shit salad is not so much an art as it is an equation. Salty (halloumi) + sweet (sweet potato) + creamy (avocado) + crunchy (pecans) + zingy (dressing). Textures and colours play as big a part as flavours, too. I hope you love this one as much as I do.Total time to make : 40 minutes Time to prep : 10 minutesTime to roast : 30 minutesServings : 2 as a…

Emily Rosa
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With fewer than 10 ingredients this grilled halloumi salad combines warm, salty, melty halloumi cheese with fresh greens, chickpeas, tomatoes, and Kalamata olives drizzled with a creamy homemade balsamic dressing. It's packed with fresh Mediterranean flavors and you can have it on the table in less than 10 minutes!

Beatriz Reyes