Hand puppets

Unleash your creativity with these unique hand puppet ideas. Create unforgettable moments of fun and entertainment with these adorable characters that will captivate both kids and adults alike.
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Making Waldorf Inspired Glove-Puppets: a tutorial

In creating my puppets, I had planned to refer to several books on my shelf; I own a small library of books on the topic of building puppets and also a couple of books on making Waldorf dolls, but none of my books offered much help when it came to creating a glove-puppet with a Waldorf style doll-head. When making a glove-puppet, it is usual to have space inside the head for the fingers of the puppeteer; however, on a traditional Waldorf doll-head, it would be very difficult to create a…

Yousra El Baradie
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How to Make 16 Shadow Puppets

When I tuck my kids in at night, I often find myself making shadow puppets with my hands in the light from their bed lamps. The kids inevitably want to try to make the same shapes with their hands. Sometimes a kind of wall-based puppet show develops in which shadow monkeys and birds fight and […]

Halley G.
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30 DIY Puppet Ideas To Make a Puppet For Your Kids

Last weekend, my kids came up with a delightful idea to put on a puppet show. The only catch? We didn't have any puppets. Seeing their excitement, I thought, why not make them ourselves? With a little bit of research and lots of imagination, we set out to create our puppet cast. We gathered old socks, yarn, buttons, and fabric scraps. It turned into a fun crafting afternoon, filled with laughter and creativity. Each puppet began to take on its own character, sparking stories from my kids…

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