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Stay warm and stylish with our collection of handmade knitwear. From sweaters to hats, discover the perfect piece to add a personal touch to your wardrobe.
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Welcome to NIZHONI, your destination for colorful and handknitted sweaters and handknitted cardigans! Our carefully curated colorful fashion collections are designed and produced twice a year, offering a stunning selection of handmade knitwear that seamlessly blends style, luxury, comfort, and uniqueness.

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Amy Goacher’s debut collection values slow fashion, British knitwear heritage and beauty held within exquisitely crafted details. Graduating from Kingston School of Art with a BA in Fashion, Amy specialised in knitwear and recalls her “obsession” with knitting came to life during her high school textiles lessons. The ability to build fabrics through knitted construction […]

Jessica Alsobrook
Never Doing Two Color Brioche Again But At Least She's Done Tops, Clothes, Haken, Breien, Styl, Tricot, Dame, Tejido, Stricken

With sheer horror I remember the moment we had to make our own knit “couture” in home ec class. It could be anything, from a tote bag to a pair of socks, or a scarf, or a tiny doll... the list goes on. I thought that a knitted bow tie for Father’s Day was a great idea, but expectation vs reality hit and the final result looked like a pastel wool blob asking to be tacitly discarded.

Mel Stone