Hardwood floor care

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Hardwood floors can be tricky to clean and can be hard to maintain without damage. It is vital to keep your wood floors scuff-free as well as dirt-free because scuffs can help to destroy the premium look and will cause the floor to look dirty. Also, dirt can cause your hardwood floor to crack,

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This post contains affiliate links. It is funny that I would post something that you should never do to hardwood floors, because the only reason that we know is because we have tried it! Read on to find the one thing you should never use on hardwood floors (& how to fix scratches) Never use Pledge

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How to clean engineered hardwood floors and regular hardwood floors Some of us love to clean and have our home smelling spectacular and looking spectacular as well. Every house will have floors, its either wood, tiles or carpet. You will need to clean it often because its where most bacteria are. Everything on the outside

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Cleaning hardwood floors is not an easy task. They usually get very dirty and sometimes sticky overtime. You have to clean them in special ways. So I’ve gathered some info on how to clean hardwood floors and this is what I came up with. This will guide you on how to clean your hardwood floors.

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