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What is a Tambour or Luneville hook? - Haute Couture Embroidery

A luneville or tambour crochet is a tool used in French Haute Couture Embroidery to make beautiful bead work, sequins embroidery, as well as decorative chain stitch embroidery called tambour work. The luneville hook has a small sharp bent tip similar to a crochet hook and a wooden handle. The needle should be changed depending on

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Tzuri Gueta for Yiqing Yin Branches of coral in silicone-fed fabric and applied to silk tulle for a Chinese-inspired red wedding dress Helene Farnault has opened the doors of the HAUTE COUTURE ATELIERS in her new book by the same name. It's more than a glimpse inside the Artists that make fashion's Haute Couture the unique world it has been for decades. With a foreword by Hebert de Givenchy, who after many years as a designer is still quite amazed at the level of the craft. The Haute Couture…

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