Herb candles

Add a touch of nature and tranquility to your home with these beautiful herb candles. Discover unique ideas to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in any room.
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Is It Safe To Put Dried Herbs In Candles?

Is It Safe To Put Dried Herbs In Candles? Are you worried about different chemicals that are used in candle-making due to their bad effect on your health? To kill your worries, many manufacturers go for different organic alternatives instead of commercially manufactured scented candles. Natural scents are not only bene

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Scented Soy Herb and Flower Candles 8oz Candle Tin - Etsy

8oz scented soy herb and flower candles by Girl Gone Herbal, are all-natural, beautiful, and vegan friendly! Handmade in Ohio in small batches for quality, these special candles feature original and unique blends of natural fragrances, essential oils, and organic herbs. Earth-friendly soy wax (no paraffin) is dye-free, lead-free, synthetic-free, and animal product-free, along with our fragrances! Organically-sourced herbs add color and extra aromatherapy benefits. USA-grown, 100% all-natural…

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Crystals & Herbs Tealight Candles Soy Energy Candles - Etsy

Crystals & Herbs Tealight Candles Soy - Energy Candles Handmade - Aromatherapy Candles - Soy Candle - Healing crystals - Custom Candles - Listing has size 2 options: Set of 4 tealight candles OR set of 6 tealight candles - Made with all natural ingredients - Candle size is 1.5" diameter and 0.75" height (PLEASE NOTE that these are standard Tealights that are meant to fit in a Tealight holder or votive jar.) Ingredients include - Essential Oils - 100% natural eco-soy wax - lead-free wicks…

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