Herbal plants

Enhance your garden with the finest herbal plants. Explore a variety of options to grow in your home garden and enjoy the benefits of fresh and organic herbs.
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Nithyakalyani plant also popularly called Sadabahar in Hindi has amazing health benefits and is very famous in India. Madagascar periwinkle is it’s botanical name. It is a very common garden plant that you will find in…

Anil Mahabole
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Tawa-tawa photo by Nasty My son was diagnosed with Dengue fever a couple of weeks ago. With normal results for platelet count being 140,000 - 400,000 per microliter (mcL), his was at 131,000 on the second day of his fever. Before panic could rise, I got reassuring advice from friends and kasambahays to try out this herb known as tawa-tawa. They said that tea made from this common plant had been featured in the news as a promising cure for dengue. When we went home to pack for my son’s…

Suman Verma
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This blend is helpful for promoting relaxation throughout the day, as the herbs aren’t sedating and, instead, typically increase alertness. Tulsi, gotu kola, and milky oats are classic nerve tonics for assuaging anxiety, stress, and forgetfulness. Lemon verbena adds a splash of citrusy flavor and is a traditional remedy for imparting calm.

Aleyda Espinoza