Hipster glasses

Discover the latest collection of hipster glasses that are both trendy and stylish. Upgrade your eyewear game with these unique frames for a standout look.
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A guide to finding the perfect spectacles/glasses for your face shape and personality. Glasses should be considered an independent accessory with the power to define your personal style and become a signature of your look - it is worth putting time and effort into getting your choice right. From choosing the right frame type for your face shape to picking the right colour and material, we will point you in the right direction.

Claudette Coote
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N.E.R.D once upon a time (2 years ago kali tu), my course-mate told me that one of her friend was in the same high school with me. and she also told me that the friend saw my picture in her lappy and she said the friend was like, " eiiii.. this girl pandai suda bergaya owh. she's so nerd back in high school, with her glasses and her hairstyle. geng-geng dia semua nerd tu.. " and i was like.. "huh?? well, yeah maybe.. who is that the girl again?" the negative me, 1.who's that girl? did i know…

Nichol Suchy