History class

Make history come alive in your classroom with these engaging ideas for your history class. Inspire your students with interactive lessons and hands-on activities that will bring the past to life.
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No windows? No problem! Get inspired by how we transformed this small middle school classroom with world history themed decor!

Jessica Clevenger
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Update your Social Studies classroom decor cheaply and easily with fun and useful decor. Make your classroom fun and inviting for students.

Jen Lynn
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Wow! Is tomorrow already August? Time has flown by this summer! I have been gone the majority of the summer, hence the lack in posts... but I am back now! I have a lengthy list of things to blog about from my summer adventures! To begin with, here is one of my crafty Pinterest projects that I have completed (here is the link to the original idea): Colonial America/Revolutionary War Guess Who! I have been wanting to do this project for a while now and finally made the time this last month. It…

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