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Discover unique homemade book ideas to create personalized gifts or decorations. Get inspired to make your own books and unleash your creativity.
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As promised, here's a detailed look at how to make your own coloring books as well as free printable crayon boxes! I made these mini coloring books to be included in the goody bags at Adelaide's Princess Party (see more here and here) but these would be wonderful to have on hand for any occasion where kids will be around, and need something to occupy them (so all the time, then?). The size is completely up to you! I decided to make them 5' x 6' because thats about the largest size I could…

Erica D. Scott

A Handmade Book With a Cardboard Cover: Books can be made in a lot of different ways and with different materials. Here's a way to make a simple book with a cardboard cover that I've used with kids of all ages over the years.

Bj Hale