Homemade dog shampoo

Keep your furry friend fresh and clean with these easy and natural homemade dog shampoo recipes. Treat your dog to a spa day at home and give them a shiny coat with these simple and effective shampoo options.
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Hey friends! Today I thought I'd share what I use on our black labs to keep them smelling fresh, and make their coats super shiny and soft. Funny thing is I get a lot of questions and comments about Bentley in particular in regard to how I get his coat so shiny. Short answer...I bathe him.

Karen Wright
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Buying dog shampoo at the store is expensive, plus it includes all kinds of unwanted ingredients. This is the best dog shampoo for dogs of all kinds because of its simple and natural ingredients. Find the recipe on the Parks Elevated Design Blog! #dogshampoo #bestrecipe #allnatural

Sommer Sandoval