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Learn how to build your own homemade generator for emergency power backup. Explore top ideas to create a reliable and sustainable source of electricity.
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Free energy generator is a subject that has been gaining popularity over the years. As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, people are looking for alternative sources of energy that are sustainable and require minimal or no input of non-renewable resources. A free energy generator is a device that generates energy without any external input and can run indefinitely. While the idea of free energy may seem too good to be true, it has been a topic of research and experimentation…

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Our society has become accustomed to using equipment and appliances that run on AC power provided by our local power provider. In most cases this is ideal, but in some cases, AC power is not available. AC power may be unavailable because...

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Using Wood to Fuel a Generator! (How to Build a Wood Gasifier W/Demonstration): I made this gasifier a couple of years ago now as a second attempt at the technology. My first attempt had a few bugs. The blower wasn't able to move enough air, the unit was over-sized for the amount of gas produced, and the gas wasn't cool enough …

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