Homemade lathe

Explore DIY homemade lathe ideas to unleash your creativity in woodworking. Build your own lathe and bring your woodworking projects to life with precision and control.
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Homemade Wood Lathe: I wanted a lathe because of all the stuff you can make with it and how fun they looked, I knew I could get one for about $250 (excluding tools) but that was beyond my budget. So instead I decided to make one. I stumbled upon a YouTube video by Matth…

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This awesome mini lathe can be made in just a few minutes. Having a mini wood lathe around for small woodturning projects can come in very handy. With this simple build, we can make all kinds of amazing woodworking jigs. Be sure to subscribe to see what else we can do with this mini wood lathe project.

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Lathes have been around for centuries and are still used today in various settings. A wood lathe is a powerful tool that can be used to create beautiful and intricate pieces of woodwork. Though their primary purpose is to create cylindrical shapes out of wood, they can also be used to create other objects. In … What Can You Make With a Wood Lathe? 18 Things You Can Make With a Wood Lathe Read More »

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