Horse mane

Discover stunning hairstyles for horse manes that will make your horse stand out. Enhance your horse's beauty with these top mane styling ideas.
I don't think I'm patient enough to do this plus my horse would have it down in two minutes. Horse Quotes, Horse Mane Braids, Horse Braiding, Rasy Koni, Horse Mane, Horse Tail, Horse Grooming, Mane N Tail, All About Horses

Braiding Mane/Tail

I finally have a way to practice my braiding. Most of the really nice braids out there are nearly impossible to do on yourself, so now I can start braiding Ella's Tail and work up to working on her Mane this summer ~ just for fun, not for competition. The one braid I loved and want to try was called the 'fish tail' .. here are a few I think are absolutely gorgeous that I plan on practicing.

Stephanie Morris