Horse stall floor

Create a comfortable and secure environment for your horses with the right stall floor. Explore top options that provide durability and safety for your equestrian space.
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Did you know that mucking one stall once per day taking 15 minutes to do, you’ll spend 91 hours and 15 minutes per year per horse doing so? Did you also know that in high school I had a weekend job at a training and boarding barn and would clean up to 25 stalls per [...]

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The development in the configuration of the grid was designed specifically for horses' hooves. With the Stall Grid installed, the flooring will be free of mud due to the prevention of soil compaction and better drainage, thus allowing horses to move better. Have questions? We welcome you to call us to speak with a friendly horse stall expert today! 800-826-1287 | RAMM Horse Fencing & Stalls #horses #horsestallideas #horsestable #horsestall #horsefarm #horseranch #horseflooring #ramm Horse Stall With Paddock, Horse Stall Flooring, Indoor Horse Arena With Stalls, How To Build A Horse Stall, Horse Stall Walls, Easy Horse Stalls Diy, Horse Stall Water Ideas, Horse Shed Ideas, Horse Arena Ideas

23.5" x 23.5" Interlocking Stall Grid, Black

The Stall Grid flooring system is great for horse walkers, paddock areas, round pens, and indoor/outdoor arenas! Having this system installed can lead to improvements in your horse(s)'s health with the Stall Grid's shock absorbing technology.

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Design a Better Horse Stall

The stall is the basic functional unit of a horse stable or shelter. A simple backyard pleasure horse stall may at first appear different than a stall in a full-feature boarding operation, but they both provide a suitable environment for the horse and handler. Safety for handlers and horses should be a primary consideration in stall design. Comfort for the horse is very important, as is convenience for the handler in performing chores associated with good horse care. No matter what your…

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