How to level ground

Learn how to level ground easily and effectively with these top tips. Create a smooth and even surface for your landscaping or construction projects.
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Homeowners level ground in their yards for a variety of reasons. Some people level the ground before building a new home, especially when the property has hills. Others level ground to prepare for new above-ground swimming pools, swing...

Krystal Christensen
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I have built many decks over the years. Ranging from a couple of hundred bucks to over thirty thousand. I have even seen decks that would compete with your house budget to build. But if you are looking for an economical deck. Something to enhance the backyard, to set a few chairs on without breaking

Cathy Forrester
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Adding a deck to the backyard giving a level platform to set up a few chairs to enjoy the sun and maybe grill some burgers seems like a good idea. But what type of deck? Should you dig frost footings, or is a floating deck a good idea? When is it better to build a

Adrienne Hoge
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Available at most home improvement and supply stores, pavers are small, specialty stones that can transform any yard or garden into a work of art. Like all outdoor decor, pavers require some preparation to install properly, especially when...

Kat Parra
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Many people believe that leveling a yard is a very difficult task, and often end up procrastinating on the task or calling experts and wasting a substantial amount of money. In reality, leveling an existing yard is not that difficult a job.

Paulette Couturie