Indian sculpture

Discover the beauty of Indian sculpture and adorn your space with exquisite pieces that showcase the rich cultural heritage. Explore top ideas to bring the allure of Indian art into your home.
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Each of these finely carved panels comprises a single piece of ivory that has b=been carved in high relief with an erotic scene. Each comprises a couple shown on a dais within columns and beneath an elaborate canopy. Originally panels such as these were made to adorn beds or sleeping platforms that dated to around … Read more

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DIDARGANJ YAKSHI (3d-2nd Century B.C.E.) at the PATNA MUSEUM in BIHAR, INDIA Museums, India, Statue, The Politics, Gormley, For Sale, Sale, Century, The Goddess

Indian sculpture, in a parallel to Western traditions, has held the female nude as an ideal. Much like the Greek kouros and the statues of idealized male figures that have come after, Indian art has held a tradition of idealized female bodies as central theme of its allegorical messages. The parallels are evident even in the similarities between the Western contrapposto of male statues and the bodily S shape of the Indian tribhanga seen in almost all standing female statues. Just as a male…

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Jewelry: The Body Transformed exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Indian sculpture wearing jewelry Highlights, Art, Temple Art, Sculpture Stand, Museum Of Art, Indian Sculpture, The Body, Hindu Statues, Indian Art

One of the highlights of my trip to New York City Jewelry Week was the opportunity to see Jewelry: The Body Transformed, the blockbuster jewelry exhibition at the Met. (Ok, technically, I saw it twice while I was on the trip. And once more last weekend, since a friend and I had to go to […]

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