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Develop an effective innovation strategy to drive business success. Discover top ideas to foster creativity, adapt to change, and stay ahead of the competition.
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In order to succeed, everybody should be involved and engaged in innovation. Innovation should be broad; from innovations in the product or offering, to innovations in the process, delivery, and/or finance.

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Every organization needs to innovate. But what type of innovation to give priority to? This simple matrix with four types of innovation may help. Innovation… | 743 comments on LinkedIn

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Innovation is key for growth. Companies recognize this and they are doing their best to bring new products to market. R&D expense as a % of sales is up to 18% but the most recent studies reveal how difficult innovation is. Most new products fail either during development or once they reach the market. What can you do? The first step is to identify the reasons that products fail. Companies invest their time and resources in developing a lot of concepts without doing the upfront necessary…

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