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Enhance learning in middle school with interactive notebooks. Discover creative ideas to make learning fun and interactive for your students.
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Inside: Advice for teaching with interactive student notebooks. My first year using interactive student notebooks, I jumped in on a whim. I liked the idea of student ownership: that the students would physically put together a record of their learning. They could put their personal style into this amazing portfolio of all we did. Well, here’s

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Interactive notebooks have been one of the biggest trends in education over the last few years, but are something I’ve never been able to buy into. I've

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Let’s talk interactive notebooks!! To be honest, I truly don’t know if you would classify my notebooks as “interactive” notebooks! My thought process behind the notebooks is that before notebooks, my students would lose EVERYTHING. LITERALLY EVERYTHING. It didn’t matter that they had a designated “science folder.” It was as if someone would come in our class late at night & throw everything away because things magically disappeared. I started these notebooks because I wanted a place for…

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