Introducing kitten to dog

Learn how to successfully introduce your new kitten to your dog. Follow these tips and tricks to ensure a smooth and harmonious transition for your furry friends.
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This Valentine’s Day, Battersea is looking back on some of the strangest pairings to have blossomed inside the much-loved animal charity’s iconic gates. From cuddly kittens and lovable Labradors to little and large dogs falling for one another, Battersea has seen its fair share of friendships over its 160-year history. Becky MacIver, Rehoming and Welfare [...]

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Have one, two, three, four…the number is limitless for a lot of animal lovers, but is it always a good idea to bring a new animal into the mix? There is definitely a transition period after the initial introduction to see how animals interact with each other. Check out these tips for introducing your dog to a new cat or vice versa!

Ashley L