Jewelry cleaner diy

Discover simple and effective DIY jewelry cleaner recipes that will make your jewelry shine like new. Try these recipes at home and bring back the sparkle to your favorite pieces.
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DIY Jewelry Cleaner to get your silver jewelry sparkling clean... FAST! Don't scrub and use smelly chemicals. This full tutorial is cheap, quick, and easy!

Tessa Pears
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Okay have any of you out there tried this homemade Miracle Fabric Cleaner?! It really is what it says! I don’t where I have been all of my life, but this stuff is wonderful!! :)I have tried it on stains and they came right out. I have even tried it on old stains that have … Continue reading DIY Miracle Fabric Cleaner! →

Angela Reimann
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I recently came across some old jewelry with a lot of tarnish, and an old recipe for how to clean tarnished jewelry came to me from way back!

Maureen Haley