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Edward Li
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Had the idea after remembering crocodiles and birds do this. Obviously, this kind of a picture has been done before with a T. Rex and some small pterosaurs or theropods. But I wanted in JP/JW style, so I went with the Spinosaurus (cause it was related to crocodile), Compsognathus, and Microceratus. If you're wondering what the Microceratus were doing, they're cleaning up the algae. I also wanted to show the Spino using its sail to regulate his body temperature, like it was suggested. So the…

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"This is how you make dinosaurs?""No, this is how you play God." —Amanda Kirby and Alan Grant(src) The InGen compound, or Embryonics Administration, is the name that is given to a massive complex of buildings that InGen had built on Isla Sorna. The buildings of the compound were once devoted to breeding dinosaurs. The InGen compound should not be confused with the Worker Village, which was designated to accommodate the InGen workers. The compound was built before the Worker Village.[1] The…