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Discover the ultimate dance game experience with Just Dance. Shake your body to the rhythm and have a blast with friends and family. Start dancing now and unleash your inner superstar!
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"...Baby One More Time" (titled in-game without the ellipsis as "Baby One More Time") by Britney Spears (covered by The Girly Team in-game), is featured on Just Dance 3, Just Dance Wii 2, Just Dance Unlimited, 舞力无限, and Just Dance+. It was also featured on Just Dance Now prior to its removal. The dancers are four girls who appear to be high-school cheerleaders. In the remake, they now have black hair, differently colored outfits, and less visible faces. P1 has short blonde hair with a blue…

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About this item Just Dance 2017 for Nintendo Switch is the newest version of the world’s #1 dance game! Includes a three-month subscription to Just Dance Unlimited with over 200 tracks, including all of your favorites, with new songs added all the time and access* to “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris & Disciples. Use your smartphone to control your movements, with no extra Joy-Con controller required! The free** Just Dance Controller app scores your dance moves. Features the hottest…

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"What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction is featured on Just Dance 4 (where it was also on the demo), Just Dance Wii U, and Just Dance+. The song also has an Extreme Version. The routine is performed by a dance crew of all males. All of the coaches are wearing tuxedos, with the only difference being the color of their shoes, bow ties, hairstyles, and the inside of their blazers. Before the routine starts, all the coaches lack their color and golden outline. P1 is Logan. He has very short…

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"Timber" by Pitbull featuring Kesha is featured on Just Dance 2014 as a downloadable track. It is also available on Just Dance 2015 as a downloadable track on the Wii and Wii U if the player’s console has been modified. It was also briefly featured on Just Dance Now before being removed. P1 is a woman with wavy black hair. She is wearing a black hat, a pair of sunglasses, several gold necklaces, a gold armband on her right arm, a top with a design of the USA flag, denim shorts, and red…

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"Can’t Take My Eyes Off You" by Boys Town Gang (originally by Frankie Valli) is featured on Just Dance 4, Just Dance Wii U, Just Dance Now (for players who subscribed before April 9, 2024), Just Dance Unlimited, and 舞力无限. The song also has an alternate routine, which is titled "Wrestler Version" on Just Dance Now and Just Dance Unlimited. The routine is performed by two women with orange outlines. In the remake, they now have blue outlines. P1 has magenta hair in a bob, a magenta fringe…

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