Kayak fishing diy

Discover the best DIY kayak fishing techniques and hacks to enhance your outdoor adventure. Get expert tips on customizing your kayak and optimizing your fishing gear for a successful fishing trip.
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Pretty much all kayak anglers have the same problem: there’s never quite enough secure storage space available on a kayak for all of your essential kayak fishing gear. That’s why some folks browse the best milk crate ideas for kayaks. Adding a milk crate in the bow or stern storage compartment of your kayak will ... Read more

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The Ultimate DIY kayak crate

The kayak crate. It is probably one of the most coveted pieces of equipment a kayak fisherman can own and for good reason. While most anglers use a standard plastic milk crate, I tend to make mine out of inexpensive and readily available store-bought containers. When I first got into the sport, I used file crates for storage. The problem with these is that the plastic is thin and the crate tends to flex. Zip tie a couple of rod holders to these units and over a short period of time, the…

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