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Introduce your kids to the world of knitting with these fun and easy projects. Encourage their creativity and keep them engaged with these knitting ideas for kids.
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I am excited to partner with Oak Meadow today to bring you this post on teaching kids to knit. Teaching your child to knit might sound a little daunting. It certainly did to me a few years ago when it was time to teach my son. I learned to knit myself when I was very

Alex Holt
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I've been busy working on setting up a project for my sons 1st grade class! It's an easy "knitting" project that is perfect for elementary age kids. With a cardboard roll, tape, and popsicle sticks, you can set up a simple loom. Then just like you would finger weave, you wrap the yarn around the tops

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Sammy's school is hosting Mayfair and I had offered to do a little crafting. Sewing, knitting, painting, I said I would be most happy to try my hand at whatever was needed. The verdict was knitting. Gulp. You might remember my knitting struggles of the past - which I (sort of) began to overcome this

Kristy Stiber
DIY Toilet Paper Roll Loom: Knitting For Kids via @amomstake Diy, Kids Toys, Crafts, Diy For Kids, Cardboard Tube, Sewing Gifts, Crafty, Crafts For Kids, Toilet Paper Roll

Here in Alaska it has already snowed three times this winter. We spend our days finding ways to stay warm and snuggly. One of our favorite pastimes is reading books while cuddling under a big blanket, followed by hot chocolate. However, we still have to go to school and we still have to run errands. Unfortunately, we can't stay cozy at home all the time. We have quickly found ways to stay warm outside too, and thanks to Lost. Found., my kids are even more obsessed with learning how to knit!