Kindergarten self portraits

Capture your child's unique personality with these creative kindergarten self portrait ideas. Encourage self-expression and celebrate their artistic abilities with these fun and engaging projects.
Cassie Stephens: Kindergarten Rainbows and Self-Portraits! Elementary Art, Portrait, Teaching, Inspiration, Elementary Art Projects, Kindergarten Art Lessons, Kindergarten Art Projects, Kindergarten Self Portraits, Kindergarten Drawing

Hello, friends! My kindergarten is wrapping up a self-portrait lesson and it's one that I've never done before with them. I'm super happy with the result and I wanted to share with y'all. Mostly I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks and things I learned in hopes that it may help you, if you decide to go down this rainbow/self-portrait path. But first, let's chat about where this lesson falls in my kindergarten line of projects. We start the school year in kindergarten with Line…

Susan Martin
Early Childhood Scribbles: Preschool Self-Portraits.  Great step by step directions of how she had students make these portraits using paint and yarn Pre K, Parents, Early Childhood, Kindergarten Self Portraits, Childhood Education, School Activities, Group Activities, Students, Kindergarten Classroom

I love self-portraits. It always amazes me how much each child's personality comes out in their drawings. I constantly have parents asking me, did my child draw that?! The answer is yes! With the right directions/facilitation you can help each child do their best. I love the results of this project and it's simpler then it looks. This project usually takes us about two days. I begin by giving the child a blank piece of paper. (I use white card stock Then I ask each child to think about what…

Cari Welsh