Komi-san wa komyushou desu

Experience the endearing story of Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu. Dive into the world of this beloved manga series and follow Komi-san's journey to overcome her communication challenges. Join the millions of fans and get ready to be captivated by this heartwarming tale.
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Volume 16

Komi Can't Communicate Volume 16 is a tankoban collection of previously published chapters from a monthly pulp manga magazine of the Komi Can't Communicate manga serial. It contains 16 chapters along with a bonus short story. It's Sports Day at Itan High and the students are brimming with competitive spirit! But when Tadano forgets his lunch, his classmates put aside their rivalries and team up to make sure he gets full. Can Komi and Manbagi work up the courage to hand-feed their crush, or…

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