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Keira Knightley gets a passionate kiss from her heartthrob Gallic co-star

Keira Knightley closes her eyes and thinks of England as she puckers up to hunky French actor Guillaume Canet on the set of her new film. The actress was filming scenes for new film Last Night in chilly New York with the Gallic star and a cute labrador dog in the popular US city.


Little Strength [Sequel To Daddy's Girl]

With her fate back in the hands of her old, evil, yet clever Master, Rosie fights to stay alive and strong. While her limits are being tested to the extreme, Justin searches high and low for his babygirl, the love of his life, before it's too late. With life testing their will, their love, and whatever little strength they have, will Justin and Rosie survive? Find out in "Little Strength" Must read "Daddy's Girl" first to understand.

Ruth Popik