Lava lamp experiment

Discover how to create your own lava lamp with these exciting and educational experiment ideas. Get ready to be amazed by the mesmerizing effects and learn the science behind it.

This lava lamp experiment is super cool! Your kids will love exploring colored water and oil, but a surprise ingredient will make this science activity even more exciting! It's always a hit with the kids. So grab a few household supplies and give this lava lamp science activity a try!

Karissa Carey
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Drop Alka-Seltzer tablet Oil and Water Drop Alka-Seltzer tablet 1. Water and Oil separate into 2 layers. 2. Water = “water loving” & Oil= “scared of water”. 3. Ingredients in Oil make it not attracted to water– so they separate. 4. Oil floats on the top because water is heavier than oil. Alka-Seltzer tablets dissolve in water. When it dissolves --forms bubbles that floated up to the top.

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