Lego zombies

Unleash your imagination with these creative Lego zombie ideas. From spooky scenes to epic battles, discover how to bring your Lego zombies to life and have hours of fun building and playing.
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My entry into category 21. The Walking Dead in the Mocathalon for Team Clutch Builders. We are the last of humanity, one last example of a destroyed race. The plauge has taken the earth for it's own, and it will not be long before we join it. By day we prepare our supplies and forage for food. By night we survive the endless hordes of zombies. But time is running out, they are coming... Hi all, This build happens to be my first build in the Modern genre. It was fun to try and replicate…

Rebecca Shields
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After watching The Walking Dead, most people have trouble sleeping. Jonas Kramm must have had a bit of insomnia too, as he had to build something from the TV series out of LEGO. I like how Hershal and the rest of the undead-fighting underdogs get to cultivate some small fields and hold pigs while keeping the area safe […]

Scott Diedrich
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"Briiiiiiiiiicks…" ―The Zombie Zombie is a Minifigure released in June 2010 as part of Series 1. He has light grey skin and dark grey ripped pants and a shirt with some rips in it. He comes with a shovel, a turkey leg, and a display stand. The Zombie also appears in the set 850487 Halloween Accessory Set in a different variation, but the only difference is that the colors of the suit are swapped, where the tie is grey and the suit is brown, instead of the inverse. The Zombie has dark grey…

Kerri Rundle