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King James Falling Into The Seats Looked Like Some Sort Of Renaissance Composition

When you point your camera at a random thing on the street, you usually don’t expect much. But in the vast sea of dull photos that fill your camera roll, one stands out. Call it a miracle, or a lovely surprise, but if you feel like the pic is superior in composition, style, lighting, and somewhat resembles a classical painting, it may be that you have just encountered “accidental renaissance.”


In 1969 on weekends, Bethesda Fountain was a gathering place for the radical, glamourous and hip people of the time. Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin were regulars speakers there. Portrait of a "Black Hippie with Blond Afro" is another quintessential image that sums up the joyful era of peace and love. Although the image was taken 51 years ago, it looks very contemporary. It's a portrait of a woman and yet it's an abstraction of shape and color. Mitchell Funk's take on street photography…

Tiril Fosen