Literacy stations

Enhance your students' literacy skills with these creative and engaging literacy station ideas. Explore different activities and resources to make learning fun and interactive.
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Planning and organizing literacy stations can be tough! On top of everything else you have to do, sometimes just asking your students to read while you meet with small groups is easier. But is that the best use of all your time? I’ve perfected my stations with this literacy rotation system. It’s easy to follow

Britni Johnson
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Recently, I have seen some debates on using centers and the Science of Reading. If you have been a teacher for a long time, centers were a HUGE part of Balanced Literacy. Recently, teachers have shifted away from balanced of literacy to research based Science of Reading. You can read my Science of Reading Post ... Read More about Centers and the Science of Reading

Meghan Simonson
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Simple kindergarten literacy stations that will last you ALL YEAR! Let me show you how to simplify your students learning. Writing, stamping, listening, and so many other center ideas are in this blog post to help your students gain independence.

Sheyla Rivera
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Using centers (or stations or areas or whatever you choose to call them) gives your students opportunities to practice independence. They build confidence and

beatrice Uilou