Little owls

Discover the captivating world of little owls. Learn about their unique features, behavior, and habitats. Get inspired by stunning photos and find out how you can help protect these amazing birds.
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As the British Wildlife Photography Awards is celebrating its 10th anniversary, a retrospective traveling outdoor exhibition has been set up. For the first time, the exhibition will feature all the overall winners, selected category winners, and highly commended images.

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With the skies outside a leaden grey and the trees being shaken to their roots by another winter storm that has just rolled in from the Atlantic, it good to turn thoughts back to some more benign conditions of the summer. I love the warm calm evenings of the early summer. The long hours of daylight mean I can pick a camera up after work and head out for a few hours and immerse myself in some wildlife. I spent many of those evenings this summer photographing brown hares but did use a couple…

Hommon Nop
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Jyo John Mulloor is back on Bored Panda with a bunch of new images featuring adorable little versions of wild animals. These cuties are so small, they could fit right in the palm of your hand. The project, titled “Macro World”, has already won over many people, and its first part was also featured on Bored Panda.

Brigitte Bustamante
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Wild owls bathe every once in a while, mostly by splashing a bit of water on themselves since their featers aren't as , but some wild owls don't seem to like to bathe at all.It's unclear how little Trude would act in the wild, but in captivity Trude is a big fan of baths, and loves to float around in the bath like a wide-eyed rubber ducky.(YouTube Link)Trude's human Kimora Hidetoshi enjoys sharing videos of the strange little bathing owl online so people can see what it's like to have a…


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