Loft toilet

Transform your loft space with these unique and stylish toilet ideas. Discover innovative designs to make the most of your vertical living.
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CANNOCK BATHROOMS INSTALLING A ENSUITE IN A BEDROOM TINY ENSUITE INSTALLATION IN BEDROOM Thank you Christopher what a great job… Never dreamed it would be so good… When i said in passing i wish i had a ensuite shower room but my home was to small to save me going downstairs in the night…. Never thought for … Continue reading CANNOCK BATHROOMS SMALL ENSUITE INSTALLATION →

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We have seen so many cool toilets under stairs, that we thought it was time to allocate a post to them. So here it is! Small houses often have a staircase, and most people use it for storage, but there are other options as well. Why not use this space for installing a closet-style toilet? […]

Christine Nelson
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Concept of blank sheet is the main idea of the interior. Basically, it could be transformed to everything: picture, page of a great book or became something totally new. Our blank sheet transformed into multifunctional auditorium and design studio office…

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