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LOL OMG Queens dolls: Splash Beauty, Miss Divine, Runway Diva, Sways, Prism - Lalaloopsy Mini, Mermaid High, Lol Surprise, Lol Dolls, Fashion Doll, Fashion Dolls, Color Change, Diva, Mermaid

LOL OMG Queens is a new collection of LOL OMG dolls. There are 5 dolls in LOL OMG Queens collection: Splash Beauty, Miss Divine, Runway Diva, Sways, Prism. Deluxe LOL OMG Queens Splash Beauty comes with 3 outfits and 2 pair of shoes which provide us with 125+ mix and match looks. Other 4 dolls

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LOL OMG Fierce dolls are сanceled, LOL OMG Fierce series 2 dolls Kitty K and Candylicious won't be released.There have been rumors about this for quite some time, as the dolls never came out in time. And now this has been confirmed by the artist who worked on the doll artwork - Darko DordevicHere

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Moonlight B.B. is an O.M.G. fashion doll from the Series 4.5 released in 2021. Her younger siblings are Dusk, Nightfall and Lil Dusk. The family also includes Dusk Raven. She was released alongside her best friend Sunshine Gurl. When their boxes are put together it forms the shape of a circle. Moonlight has a lighter skin-tone than most of the LOL OMG’s similar to Groovy Babe and Spicy Babe. She has dark blue hair, with the fronts of it being a more vibrant version of it, Spicy Babe’s eyes…

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Unicorn is a popular LOL tot from Series 3 (Confetti Pop). She is part of the Theater Club. She has a little sister Lil Unicorn, a brother Dreamy Dude, an older sister Stellar Gurl and a pet Unipony. She was also re-released as part of Color Change Surprise (Me & Bro) series with Dreamy Dude. Series 3 (3-012) L.O.L. Surprise! Sparkle Series (SP-006) Color Change Surprise (Me & Bro) (CC-146)