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Discover the art of machine knitting and learn tips, techniques, and inspiration to create beautiful and unique knitted items. Start your machine knitting journey and unleash your creativity today.
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Looking into buying your knitting machine this 2019 but clueless on what to buy, how to use it and how to optimize your knitting resources? This guide is going to present different knitting machine choices and at the same time, equip you with the basics on knitting machines. Hand knitting vs. Machine Knitting: What […]

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Searching the internet but can't find great yarn for your machine knitting? Not to worry! Below I have shared my top tips for finding great yarn that will knit perfectly on your knitting machine. I’ve also included my favourite sources for coned machine knitting yarn.

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Last week I introduced you to the knitting machine and generally explained the mechanism of this tool. You can read it here - Part I. Today I am going to show you how I do the shaping and fix mistakes in my fabric. Again I want to point out that this is not the step-by-step tutorial on machine kni

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